OpenEMM Demo Account

Just test it!

Do you want to test OpenEMM without installing it first? For that reason, we provide a server with a demo account of OpenEMM 2015 which is open to the public.

Features which are disabled for this demo account due to security concerns:

  • management of users and their permissions (view, new, edit, delete)
  • upload of images for HTML mails
  • sending of mailings (admin and test mailings are permitted)
  • Action “Send service-mail”
  • mail forwarding and autoresponder mails (backend functions for bounce filters)
  • online update

To access the demo account please enter user as your user name and testme as password. Please do not save private data in this account since access is open to anyone and do not try to use this account for spamming!

Click here to access the OpenEMM demo account!