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Commercial Services – get help from the original developers

If you need free support, have a look at the following page.

OpenEMM Support Services

How can we help you? The Support Service offers you help on the installation, configuration and operation of OpenEMM.

To order Support Services and for questions regarding OpenEMM, simply fill out our contact form. We ask for your understanding of the fact that we are unable to offer unpaid advisory and consulting services for OpenEMM. We charge 150 Euro/hour (via PayPal) for any work carried out. You will of course receive an offer in advance for the requested service.

OpenEMM Service Request

OpenEMM Setup Service – installation und configuration

Would you like to concentrate on the marketing aspects of e-mail marketing right from the beginning? If so, leave the installation and configuration of open EMM on your hardware to us.


  • Setting up of OpenEMM on the hardware provided and prepared by the client
  • Setting up of a MySQL scheme on the database provided and prepared by the client

Costs: 750 €

Required client-side prerequisites for the Setup Service:

  • Red Hat Linux-based system –

Commercial solution: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (
Free solution: Red Hat Fedora 5 (
free solution: CentOS (RHEL clone,

  • Access as super-user via Secure Shell (SSH) protocol
  • Valid IP address and access to Domain Name Services (DNS)

If you wish, we can procure the necessary hardware and prepare it accordingly (not included in Setup Service; offer prepared upon request).

OpenEMM service request

OpenEMM Server hosting and operation = eMM-Xpress

If you do not want to operate OpenEMM yourself, just use EMM-Xpress, our Cloud variant. You do not then operate the hardware, thus obviating all corresponding aspects; you simply operate the software with your web browser.

The ready-to-operate configured hardware is provided in a professional data center and includes the database, the administration and an unlimited sending volume.

  • Complete Basic package: 99 Euro/month (up to max. of 50,000 profiles/minimum period: 6 months)
  • Compete Standard package: 149 Euro/month (up to max. of 200,000 profiles/minimum period: 12 months)

Optional Support package:

Our experts are available to answer all of your technical questions for 49 Euro/month (minimum period: 6 months)

The supplier of services for eMM-Xpress is our e-Xpress-mailer GmbH subsidiary. More details here.

All prices given are exclusive of applicable value-added tax. This offer is valid for a period of 30 days. Pricing errors reserved. Our Terms & Conditions apply.

OpenEMM Upgrade auf E-Marketing Manager (SaaS oder Inhouse)

If you would like to use the full scope of the E-Marketing Manager, we recommend you upgrade to EMM SaaS or EMM Inhouse. Profit from additional components such as multi-client capability, cross-media (fax, SMS, MMS, print), personalized PDFs, shop tracking, comprehensive statistics and much more. E-Marketing Manager here supports multi-server operation, making sending performance scalable.

Contact us for details or find out more on the website about the many possibilities that an upgrade offers.

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