Marketingtrends: Marketing Automation is most important

Customer survey about marketing trendsMarketing Automation on the top!

Marketing gurus permanently tell us, what the top marketing trends are. We thought, why shouldn’t we ask those, who are really affected?

In our recent customer survey you have given us your evaluation about current online marketing trends.

We won’t keep back the partially surprising results.

automatisiertes Marketing

The top marketing trend: Marketing Automation

The question ‘which marketing topic is currently most important to you’ was won by Marketing Automation by far. It is placed on highest position for 43%.

For each one-fifth of the participants data analysis and optimization as well as the topic content marketing has the highest priority. Retargeting, predictive marketing and lead nurturing on the other hand are on top of the agenda only for a fraction of all participants.

Order of the marketing trends

In the survey five given marketing trends could be placed in an arbitrarily order. Also on the postions 2 up to 5 the evaluation of the chart above is confirmed. In total the ranking is as follows:

Rating of all trends
Marketing Automation
Data analysis & optimization
Content Marketing
Predicitive Marketing
Lead Nurturing

Evaluation of Marketing StatementsFurthermore we have asked our customers to give us an evaluation of the following statements:

For mobile marketing smartwatches will become as important as smartphones today within the next two years.

Whatsapp will be an important marketing channel in the future.

Content marketing is a decisive factor for customer retention and client acquisition.

Your opinion on this topics was:

Smartwatches have not yet a relevant meaning for the most of you, only 17% are the opinion, that they will be as important as Smartphones in the next two years.

United are the participants on the meaning of Content Marketing. 95% think that content marketing is a decisive factor for customer retention.


     Content Marketing

Thank you very much for those interesting results!

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