Functional differences between EMM SaaS and eMM-Xpress

Zusatzinhalte zum E-Mail-Marketing-Manager

EMM SaaS vs. eMM-Xpress

Additional features of the EMM SaaS

EMM SaaS vs. eMM-Xpress: What do you choose? The eMM-Xpress is the flatrate-entrance-solution of our e-mail marketing software „AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager“ and offers innately many features for successful e-mail marketing. But the software as a service solution “EMM SaaS” offers a plenty more precious features.

The most important differences at a glance

•    CSA Whitelisting for a guaranteed delivery
•    Responsive user interface in modern flat design
•    Behavior tracking on the website for re-targeting by email
•    Sales statistics/conversion rate for measuring success
•    Campaign manager for flexible campaign design
•    E-mail Creator for creating newsletters by drag & drop
•    Device statistics for analysis and optimization
•    Customized reports as PDF or CSV for monitoring success
•    Auto-import and auto-export for automated data transfer
•    Interfaces (web services, Restful, etc.) for real-time control / exchange
•    Reference tables for customized data, e.g. product catalog
•    Multiclient-capability for company-wide deployment
•    Multi-server solution for higher transmission speed and performance

All differences in the overview

Whitelabel capability
Responsive User Interface
Cutting-edge flat design
Calendar with reminder function
Behavior tracking results on the recipient profile
Contect history on the recipient profile
Recipient status history
Advanced target group editor including reference tables etc.
Creation of target groups on the basis of recipient reactions (opened, clicked, purchased, etc.)
Campaign Manager
– Planning, driving and monitoring of complex e-mail campaigns
– Example campaigns as templates (A-/B-Test, Birthday…)
– Test run with shortened waiting phases
Campaign Manager extended
– No-paths for decisions (e.g. mailing received, but not opened)
– Profile field history
Predefined responsive templates
E-Mail Creator (Choice of different templates for easy mail creation by drag and drop)
Syntax-highlighting of HMTL code
Barcode Generator
Link extension to tracking parameters (e.g. for tracking with intelliAd and more)
Share-with-your-network functionality
Comprehensive search and filter functions
Sending of personalized PDFs (digital invoice dispatch)
Auto-Optimization by revenue
A/B testing with the aid of list split functionality
Integrated preview for different device types (Smartphone, Tablet, PC)
Realtime calculation of target group size in mailing and target group
Evaluation by device type (PC, smartphone, tablet, smart tv) for openings, clicks and revenue
Device overview at the mailing and for all responses of the last 90 days
Top domain statistic at the mailing
Clicks, openings and dispatches in progress
Social network shares
Distinction of Bounces in Soft- and Hardbounces
Revenue statistic inclusive conversion rate
Benchmark comparison: Anonymous comparison with other EMM customers in the same industry with regard to opening rates, click rates, unsubscribe and bounce rates
Behavior tracking based on mailings (evaluation of key figures of website and webshop)
Individual reports as CSV or PDF: Mailing comparison, mailing statistic, recipient statistic
2-way authentication
Followup and interval mailings
Recipient lists for single mailings with opening and click rates
Reference tables (saving of individual data like e.g. product catalogues or voucher codes)
Layout Builder (layout tool for individual customization of the E-Mail Creator templates)
Inbox Preview (e-mail preview on different desktop, web, mobile and spam clients to check the layout)
Dispatch of SMS, Fax, print mailings
Interfaces (DataAgent, Web Services, etc.)
Multi-client capability
Higher delivery speed (multi-server capability)
Whitelisting with dedicated servers
Marketing Intelligence Analyzer (MIA) Premium (additional key figures and forecast values, daily update)
Pre Delivery Check to avoid spam filters
Post Delivery Check to control deliverability
Data quality report
Send Time Optimization (Automated dispatch time optimization for every single recipient)
Advanced Hardbounce Validation (Automated validation & reactivation of hard bounces)
Mailing Cockpit (prioritization and controlling of mailings which are sent to one recipient per day)

Here you get an overview of all features of eMM-Xpress as well as EMM SaaS.

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