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Facts and figures AGNITAS

How well do you know AGNITAS?

Facts and figures 2018 you probably don't know

Email marketing has a lot to do with numbers. Whether it is the click rate or the conversion rate that indicates the measurable success of a mailing or a campaign, numbers create facts and opportunities for comparison. But what about companies? Of course, you can also read numbers here again and again, such as what profits have been achieved, how many employees there are or how large the growth has been.

We at AGNITAS have asked ourselves, are these really the most interesting figures a company has to offer? Surely there are figures that say more about a company. We went on an internal search and not only came across values concerning our EMM, but also saw what was going on in our office. We processed the results in a small quiz for you. Take a look at how well you know AGNITAS and how well you can assess it!

There are certainly some Fun Facts that will surprise you or make you smile 😉

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5.8 billion emails

How many e-mails were sent via the AGNITAS data center in 2018? (EMM Inhouse and OpenEMM are not included)

a) 820 million

b) 2.7 billion

c) 5.8 billion

39 % of employees

How high is the proportion of our employees who regularly go to the canteen on Mondays to eat schnitzel?

a)      23 %

b)     39 %

c)      41 %

2429 Jira tickets

How many Jira tickets have our AGNITAS employees created this year?

a)      1879

b)     2429

c)      5899

572 kg fruit

How much fruit did our employees eat alone in the office this year?

a)      276 kg

b)      545 kg

c)      572 kg

7461 cups of coffee

How much coffee was consumed in the office this year?

a)     7461 cups

b)      7523 cups

c)      7833 cups

2,7 mailings per week

How many mailings did AGNITAS send out per week on average in 2018? (system messages also count)

a)      1,5 mailing

b)     2,7 mailings

c)      3,2 mailings

50 % female, 50 % male

What is the proportion of female and male EMM users?

a)      50 % female, 50 % male

b)      40 % female, 60 % male

c)      60 % female, 40 % male



How often has the OpenEMM been downloaded since its release in 2006?

a)      199,456 downloads

b)      524,768 downloads

c)      614,379 downloads

43 % stairs, 43 % elevator, 14 % both

How comfortable are AGNITAS employees? Is the staircase or elevator the most used?

a)      43 % stairs, 43 % elevators, 14 % both

b)      22 % stairs, 59 % elevator, 19 % both

c)      51 % stairs, 32 % elevator, 17 % both

100,000 to 200,000 spam mails

How many spam mails are sent daily to AGNITAS e-mail addresses and blocked by our spam filter?

a)      1,000 to 2,000 spam mails

b)      10,000 to 20,000 spam mails

c)      100,000 to 200,000 spam mails

99,98 %

How high was the availability of our EMM system 2018?

a)      99,89 %

b)      99,95 %

c)      99,98 %

328 Twitter posts

How many Twitter posts did we post in 2018?

a)      123

b)     328

c)      699

54 %

What is the proportion of EMM users who use the software several times a week?

a)      28 %

b)     54 %

c)      56 %

37 pages less than the EU agreement on Brexit

Our EMM manual has 548 pages. These are:

a)     37 pages less than the EU agreement on Brexit

b)      26 pages more than the German Basic Law

c)      As many pages as the first Harry Potter book

What does your company look like? Have you ever calculated what coffee is consumed or are your colleagues more comfortable? Maybe you will also find some interesting numbers and faktes in your company!

If you have answered at least 3 questions correctly, you are welcome to send us your application 😄