Newsletter occasions and ideas for the whole year

Newsletter occasions and ideas for the whole year

Creative newsletter campaigns in 2020With PDF campaign calendar for download

The new year has already begun and now at the latest it is time to start planning the campaigns and newsletters for 2020. Which topics should be played? Which events need to be considered early on? And what occasions can be used for entertaining, eye-catching or funny campaigns? You probably already have some ideas and newsletter occasions firmly in mind, at best the plan is essentially already in place. Important holidays such as Easter or Christmas are certainly a fixed part of it. Depending on the industry, events such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, major sporting events and company events are often added.

But why not take advantage of newsletter events that the competitors don’t already have on their screens? Because there are more occasions for creative marketing campaigns than the days everyone loves. Even if at first glance a day doesn’t seem to have much to do with your products or services, you can still get it involved by using clever argumentation. Especially such newsletter events receive a lot of attention because they are unexpected and surprising. We have compiled the most important and most interesting events for creative marketing campaigns 2020. As a little help and source of ideas you will also find one or two tips on how to use them appropriately.

So you can simply bet on a less known or curious day for a newsletter. It will definitely arouse your interest. By the way, the one or other action day is also suitable for your own employees.

Newsletter ideas for January

JanuarJanuary 17th, Throw your year Resolutions overboard Day

It’s always one of those things with good intentions. Many of them don’t even survive January. Why don’t you use this day to support your customers with their resolutions? For example, you can raffle off a personal trainer programme or a healthy nutrition package.

January 18th, Day of the Snowman

January 21st, World Cuddle Day

January 24th, Day of Compliments

January 25th, Chinese New Year

The Chinese market is becoming more and more interesting for many European companies, so why not take advantage of this day to address customers from the Far East.

January 28th, European Data Protection Day

Newsletter ideas for February

FebruarFebruary 1st, Change your Password Day

February 1st, Ice for breakfast Day

February 3rd, Super Bowl

Probably the most important US sporting event, the Super Bowl – the final of the national professional football league (NFL) – is also meeting with increasing interest in Germany. Surely you don’t attract the masses with an action or event to this event like to a European Football Championship, but maybe the Super Bowl is an exciting occasion for your target group.

February 14th, Valentine’s Day

February 15th, Singles’ Day

February 17th, Day of Gratuitous Kindness

February 18th, Battery Day

February 20th, Women’s Carnival

February 24th, Rose Monday

February 25th, February Carnival

February 26th, Ash Wednesday

February 28th, Public sleeping Day

The sleep-in-public day would be a wonderful occasion for a funny photo campaign. You can combine such an action with social media in a wonderful way by having a vote for the best picture.

Newsletter ideas for March

MärzMarch 1st, Metrological Beginning of Spring

March 1st, Day of Compliments

March 7th, Day of Waste Separation

March 8th, International Women’s Day

The International Women’s Day is the perfect occasion to make this a small joy on 8 March. No matter if you hand out small gifts or vouchers or if you pay attention to the female part of the population with other attentions, the ladies will surely be pleased.

March 12th, World Day against Internet Censorship

March 14th, Steak and Blowjob Day

March 15th, Speechless Day

March 19th, Let’s Smile Day

Laughing is something beautiful and makes you start the day in a happy way. Why not give your customers a nice smile on this day or laugh along with them?

March 19th, World Sleep Day

March 20th, Start of Spring

March 29th, Start of Summer Time
Every time the same tiresome topic: Is the clock now being put back or forward? Don’t leave your customers alone, but combine the theme with a suitable campaign for the beginning of spring. By the way, the clock is put forward one hour – so the night of the changeover will be shorter, just as the nights are getting shorter now, just watching.

March 31st, World Backup Day

Newsletter ideas for April

AprilApril 3rd, Find a Rainbow Day

April 6th, World Frozen Food Day

April 10th, Good Friday

April 10th, Day of the Siblings

April 11st, Invisibility Day

April 12th, Easter Sunday

Easter is one of the highest holidays in the Christian world. Easter is also a fixed date in the calendar for trade. Especially the confectionery industry has its second annual highlight here, besides the Christmas business. Those who have survived Lent are then especially looking forward to the chocolate bunny.

April 13rd, Easter Monday

April 20th, Day of the Doubles

Statistically speaking, each person has seven doubles. Perhaps one or the other has already found them or is actively searching for his or her own double. There are certainly one or two exciting stories.

April 23rd, Day of German Beer

April 28th, Superheroes’ Day

April 29th, World Day of Wishes

April 30th, Walpurgis Night

Newsletter ideas for May

MaiMay 1st, Labour Day

May 2nd, Day of the Baby

In countries like Germany, where most people only have one or two children, the focus is much more on the offspring. The need to make sure that they are doing well is high. So the baby’s day is perfect to address expectant parents and newcomers when offering products or services for the youngest.

May 3rd, Day of the Psychic

May 8th, No Sock Day

May 9th, Peter Pan Day

May 10th, Mother’s Day

May 17th, Working-up Cycle Day

This tag can be used for both internal and external communication. Use it as a day of action and motivate your employees to switch to the bicycle. Reward customers who post a selfie with their bike on your preferred social media channel with a small thank-you gift.

May 20th, Be a Millionaire Day

May 21st, Ascension Day

May 26th, National Paper Airman’s Day

May 31th, Whit Sunday

Newsletter ideas for June

JuniJune 1st, Whit Monday

June 2nd, Get off early Day

June 3rd, Bicycle Day

June 5th, World Environment Day

Do you offer environmentally friendly products and services? Then the World Environment Day is an appropriate date to draw more attention to them. But also if you as a company are particularly committed to environmental protection or support corresponding projects, this is a good opportunity to draw attention to this and to serve as a role model.

June 8th, World Ocean Day

June 11st, Corpus Christi

June 17th, Issue your Vegetables on Day

June 20th, Summer Solstice

June 21st, Selfie Day

How about calling for a selfie promotion with one of your products? This can also be well designed as a multi-channel campaign.

June 27th, Sunglasses Day

Newsletter ideas for July

JuliJuly 2nd, Forgot it all Day

July 2nd, World UFO Day

July 6th, World Kiss Day

July 7th, Chocolate Day

Who does not love you… Surprise your customers with the sweet temptation and add something chocolaty to every order on that day and refer to that day.

July 8th, Be still a Kid Day

Ask your customers how much child is still in them and make a nice action or campaign out of it.

July 26th, The Uncle and Aunt Day

July 30th, Late coming Day

July 30th, International Friendship Day

Newsletter ideas for August

AugustAugust 8th, Repeat Day

August 8th, International Cat Day

August 10th, Lazy Day

Use this day according to the motto: “Be a slacker and enjoy the day. Don’t waste your time searching for offers, because we have the top offers”.

August 11st, Play in the Sand Day

August 15th, Assumption Day

August 16th, Tell a Joke Day

August 22th, Be an Angel Day

August 31st, Outdoor Eating Day

The perfect day of action for beer bars and restaurants with a terrace, to win one or the other new regular customer. But also the loyal regular customers and newsletter subscribers are pleased about a special offer.

Newsletter ideas for September

SeptemberSeptember 1st, Zebra crossing Day

September 5th, International Charity Day

Does your company support charitable causes? Or are there employees who are particularly committed? Then please draw attention to them. The best way to get directly involved is by organising a fundraising campaign for this day. For example, you can donate 7% of daily sales to a pre-determined charitable organisation.

September 6th, Read a Book Day

September 10th, Exchange with your Boss Day

September 13rd, Fortune Cookie Day

September 19th, International talk like a Pirate Day

September 19th, Day of the IT Professionals

September 20th, World Children’s Day

September 21st, International World Peace Day

September 25th, Dental Health Day

September 27th, World Tourism Day

No matter if hotel, tour operator, tourist office or museum, this day is perfect to attract attention and boost business with a campaign.

Newsletter ideas for October

OktoberOctober 1st, World Vegetarian Day

A vegetarian lifestyle is not only healthy but also ecologically sensible. If your company is active on this topic, then it is your day.

October 2nd, Give your Car a Name Day

October 3rd, German Unification Day

October 4th, Harvest Festival

October 8th, Small talk day

October 10th, World Dog Day

October 14th, Take your Teddy with work Day

October 16th, Clear your Desktop on Day

Everybody knows this, sometimes quickly saved and with time everything is littered. So use this day for your employees and let them clean up properly.

October 25th, Start of Winter Time

October 25th, Be a Punk Day

October 25th, World Noodle Day

October 31st, Reformation Day

October 31st, Halloween

Newsletter ideas for November

NovemberNovember 1st, All Saints’ Day

November 8th, Sufficient time Day

November 9th, The Chaos doesn’t take an End Day

November 10th, World Science Day

November 11st, Martin Day

November 15th, Clean your Fridge Day

This day could be used by one or the other household electronics manufacturer or dealer for those who do not want to clean, but rather want a new one. But the cleaning call is also suitable for the refrigerator in the coffee kitchen of your company.

November 18th, Day of Prayer and Repentance

November 21st, World Hello Day

November 22th, Sunday of Death

November 26th, Thanksgiving (USA)

November 27th, Black Friday

The highlight of the year for retailers and the start of the Christmas business – Black Friday is becoming increasingly popular in German-speaking countries and hardly any mail order company can avoid it. So start your campaign in time.

November 29th, 1st Advent

November 30th, Stay Home because you’re all Right Day

No matter if hotel, tour operator, tourist office or museum, this day is perfect to attract attention and boost business with a campaign.

Newsletter ideas for December

Kampagnen 2020 DezemberDecember 4th, Pull brown Shoes on Day

This is sure to result in fun photo campaigns for fashion houses and shoe retailers.

December 5th, Bathtub Party Day

December 5th, International Volunteering Day

December 6th, 2nd Advent

December 6th, St. Nicholas Day

December 13rd, 3rd Advent

December 19th, Search a Christmas Tree Day

As a Christmas tree seller, you probably don’t need this day, they’ll probably leave just like that. But what if you start a small campaign or social media action and at the end of it you get a Christmas tree with everything on it.

December 20th, Walking Star singing Day

December 20th, 4th Advent

December 21st, Winter solstice

December 21st, Ugly Christmas Sweaters Day

December 24th, Christmas Eve

December 25th, Christmas Day

December 26th, Boxing Day

December 29th, From on the Weighing Day

December 31st, New Year’s Eve

We would be pleased if you were able to find good ideas for your own newsletter and marketing campaigns 2020 and wish you a lot of fun with the implementation!


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