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Manage, send and evaluate mailings – AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager (EMM) is a multi award-winning e-mail marketing software. We are constantly developing the EMM to best meet your needs and those of the market.
Functional Scope of E-Marketing Manager (EMM)
The product variants of the prize-winning e-mail marketing software in comparison.
Functional Scope EMM Product Variants
Comparison of all E-Marketing Manager (EMM) Product Variants.

EMM Features

A-/B-Test Campaign
With the campaign manager is an A-/B-Test inclusive Auto-Optimization a piece of cake.
Greater response through automated A-/B-tests – Have you often wondered which of your mailings’ subjects or senders goes down best with your recipients? Simply test it!
User & Client Management
With user and client management within the E-Marketing Manager, a user with administrator rights can manage several clients and in addition allocate individual access rights for these clients to further users.
Customer Insights
Thanks to Customer Insights, you get even more detailed information about your addresses. Thus, you can create targeted marketing campaigns on these insights.
E-Mail Creator
Creating responsive newsletters – even without HTML knowledge. The E-Mail Creator makes designing newsletters a pushover: Mailings are created very quickly and easily with the help of different layout templates and diverse text- and picture blocks. Several newsletter elements can be inserted and placed arbitrarily using drag & drop.
Campaign Manager
The planning, execution and analysis of multi-stage mailing campaigns has now become even simpler and more effective with the use of the campaign manager. The amount of effort required is considerably reduced.

Premium Packages

Analytics Package
The Analytics Package from AGNITAS provides you with valuable knowledge about your e-mail marketing processes. So you can increase the success of your e-mail campaigns in the long term.
Automation Package
Marketing Automation – Intelligent processes for precision contests. With the Automation Package you can supply your recipients with the right contents at the right time. Dispatch of automated mailings on a particular occasion, such as birthday voucher or product recommendation, becomes child’s play.
Layout Package
Newsletter design made easy! The Layout Package lets you desigh your newsletter in the blink of an eye. You can nott only create and design your own templates, but also test the appearance of your layout in various mail clients before sending.
Retargeting Package
Via the AGNITAS Retargeting package you will find, in a simple and automated process, what is of interest for your recipient at the moment. You can send your recipient information on this subject in a targeted way at the right time.

Web Push Notifications

Web Push Notifications
Reach your customers directly while they surf the Web! With the Push Service of AGNITAS you can provide consumers with up-to-date news in their browser while they surf.

Content Marketing

Content Package
Customized content is a performance booster – Increase your opening and click rates with customized content. Relevant contents, such as news from the recipient’s areas of interest, generate much more attention than pure advertising newsletters.

Data Protection & Security

Data Protection & Security
For AGNITAS the topics of data protection and data security have top priority. Since the company’s foundation in 1999 we have observed the highest security standards for physical, electronic, and legal data protection measures. With the implementation of a management system for information security confirming to the ISO 27001 norm, AGNITAS ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information within the sphere of influence of the entire organization.

Delivery Management

Delivery Management
The successful delivery of your e-mailings is our main job. AGNITAS has participated in the German DDV Code of Ethics for e-mail marketing as well as in the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) of the DDV (German Dialog Marketing Association) and eco (Association of the German Internet economy).

Data Management

Link your e-mail marketing with other existing systems. The DataAgent enables an easy data transfer between two applications, e.g. between the E-Marketing Manager (EMM) and your CRM database. With the intelligent tool your stored data are always up-to-date.
Predictive Intelligence
Thanks to deep learning networks, the targeted control of online advertising is already possible. The same technology is also used in e-mail marketing to determine, for example, probabilities for the purchase of certain product types, probabilities for the cancellation of service contracts, and to set up corresponding campaigns.