20 years of AGNITAS – we celebrate together

20 Jahre AGNITAS - Torte

20 years of e-mail marketing with AGNITASWe celebrated our anniversary with exciting lectures and a wonderful ambience

On Friday the 11th of October we celebrated our 20th anniversary in sparkling sunshine. Of course you could do this only in small groups with all employees, but we at AGNITAS wanted to share our joy with everyone who contributed to this success. As a veteran of the German e-mail market, we can confidently announce: “Hey, we came to stay and we’ve been here a long time”. With a successful presentations, numerous new contacts and a highly exclusive environment, we also wanted to thank customers and partners for their loyalty and support.

Blick über München

A day full of highlights

The day started off very well – we had truly magnificent weather with an optimal view all the way to the Alps. The atmosphere was great even before we really got going. Of course, we didn’t just enjoy the beautiful weather on that day, but dedicated ourselves entirely to our topic – e-mail marketing. Obviously, we at AGNITAS were not alone in the Upside East. Numerous e-mail marketing experts, customers and partners were involved. An exciting and stimulating day was therefore guaranteed.

Exciting presentations with email marketing experts and users

Sfter a short refreshment in the early afternoon we started our program with the first presentation. Our first speaker was Marc Mann from the Munich-based energy provider E.ON Energie Deutschland. In his lecture “Dialogue instead of monologue – legally secure cross channel marketing with SMS” he showed the development of communication on the one hand, but also explained how sales benefit from flexible dialogue marketing across different channels. With Nicole Schindler of Stratenic and her topic “Understanding prospective customers – winning customers; user-individual onboarding with automated campaigns” we were already starting to get into the depths of E-Mail marketing and how to handle won Leads as well as keeping customers. A lecture that left no questions unanswered.

Our next speaker, Marco De Lucia from Optimal Systems, put a clear focus on marketing automation with his presentation “Creating Relevance with Automation – How you can create a rewarding user experience with commitment”. In addition to this, he also gave examples of automated e-mail campaigns and showed how to correctly identify your target group. Alexander Schäfer from Paragon continued with the topic of automation with “Digitalization… and the customer participates! The right automation of customer communication”. However, this was not only about the classic e-mail campaigns, but also about how to increase attention with print products.

Marc Mann
Nicole Schindler
Marco De Lucia
Alexander Schäffer

With new strength right into the second round and one or the other hot discussion

Kaffee Pause

After so much exciting input and stimulating discussions, a little coffee break was just in time. The break was utilized in order to have a chat with the speakers or simply enjoy the beautiful view and the sun on the roof terrace.

The second round started with our CEO Martin Aschoff and his lecture “10 Myths in Email Marketing – End of the Fairytales”, in which he cleared up with the common half truths in E-Mail marketing. The presentation of Claudia Bayerl of the Textakademie was particularly thrilling. With her topic “Inspiring with words – How to convince with your mailings at first sight”she elaborated what is acutally important when creating a newsletter. Rabbit managing director Nikolaus of Graeve had already been actively involved in the discussions before he captivated the audience with his lecture “The times they are changing – Change begins in the mind and not through tools”. He referred in particular to the constant and ever faster becoming change in marketing and how one tackle this best. Afterwards Dr. Torsten Schwarz, an online marketing veteran, spoke presented “From cradle to grave – pleasure and suffering for e-mail recipients”. In this he once again summarized the significance of the e-mail marketing market and showed in a practice-oriented manner what needs to be considered in order not to annoy his own recipients.

In addition to our announced speakers, there was a short bonus lecture by Dr. Johannes Wissman from Trigger Dialog, a division of Deutsche Post. This talk was about the linking of online and offline campaigns and the new possibilities of individualization and automation that this channel now covers. By the way, we at AGNITAS will also be offering this service from the end of the year. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Martin Aschoff
Claudia Bayerl
Nikolaus von Graeve
Dr. Torsten Schwarz

Afterwards, the evening buffet was opened one floor below. There was a delicious selection of grilled dishes, salads, desserts and of course the cake. With a glass of wine or whatever the bar had to offer, everyone enjoyed the evening and the great atmosphere. There were still many stimulating conversations in which certainly not only the one or other campaign experience was exchanged. The delicious cocktails and the DJ also contributed to the success of the evening.

Once again we would like to thank all participants and helpers who made our 20th anniversary an utmost success and look forward to the future together!