Creative Newsletter-Campaigns for every time of the year

Newsletter-Kampagnen und Newsletter-Ideen für das ganze Jahr

Newsletter ideas and tips for campaigns in 2019

Now with the arrival of 2019 it’s once again time to start considering what topics and campaigns you want to be executed trough out the upcoming 12 months. Of course, you have already planned certain newsletter ideas and e-mail campaigns, for let’s say, trade fairs or special events. Besides those, there are obviously always the classics like Christmas and Easter which are annually used for clever campaigns and represent a big factor in the company’s revenue. But all of those barely cover the variety of options that are ready and waiting to be used for a clever newsletter campaign.

Even though there won’t be any big sports events such as the soccer world championship there are still more than enough special occasions coming up that year. In the following part of this post we summarized this year’s most important events that are perfectly cut out for your E-Mail-Marketing. By doing so, we want to provide you with ideas for many thrilling and exciting newsletter-campaigns. Go ahead and try some lesser known holidays or even a rather odd day as newsletter topic. Topics like those have a high potential of generating interest or to simply entertain your newsletter recipients, which might even lead to more recipients!

Tip: At the bottom of this page, all of the described ideas are summarized in a campaign calendar which you can download for free.

Our recommendation: Start planning the year as early as you can, so that an amazing idea won’t fail due to deadlines or simply not having enough time to execute it. Compared to other tools and channels, newsletter are made rather quickly but usually, a successful campaign is depending on many different processes such as procurement of goods, creation of landing pages, etc.

Newsletter Ideas for January

After Christmas you might think it’s enough in January with the consumption frenzy, but there’s still the Christmas bonus and the skiing holiday is coming soon… Even if the first days of the new year usually start a little calmer, at the latest in the middle of the month the fight for the turnover starts anew. And also January supplies numerous causes for creative new type character and funny E-Mail campaigns.

Tag des SchneemannsJanuary 18th, World Day of Snowman
Matching the just wintry weather in Germany – send winter greetings with a homemade snowman in front of your office or call for the snowman contest, the winner of course gets an attractive offer.

January 24th, Global Belly Laugh Day

January 28th, Data Protection Day
Use the day as an opportunity to build up a positive corporate image and tell your customers what you are doing to protect data. Of course, this occasion can also be used to check whether your own data protection is still in order.

Newsletter Ideas for February

February is used in particular by retailers to get rid of the remaining winter goods and make room for spring collections. In some cases, however, the winter sales will already start in January. Accordingly sale campaigns for E-Mail marketing offer themselves here. Many people use February also for the winter vacation, thereby advertising possibilities result for all industries, which profit in any form from the ski madness. Besides the seasonally conditioned campaign ideas there are additional exciting days in February, which supply perfect newsletter topics:

Valentinstag als typischer Kampagnen-Anlass für NewsletterFebruary 3rd, Super Bowl

February 5th, Chinese New Year

February 6th, Lame Duck Day

February 10th, Teddy Bear Day

February 13th, World Radio Day

February 14th, Valentines Day
According to some skeptics, the day was only invented for the flower industry, but it is of course also suitable for many other industries to spread the word and to pay tribute to one’s beloved.

February 15th, Singles Awareness Day (SAD)
The alternative for those without a partner. Send out newsletters with offers that will allow singles to pamper themselves, or for the newsletter recipient to celebrate Valentine’s Day the following year instead of Singles’ Day.

Newsletter Ideas for March

This year carnival takes place in March. There is no in between, either you hate the hustle and bustle or you love it. E-mail campaigns are now worthwhile not only for carnival products, but also for alternatives, e.g. relaxed journeys to escape the spectacle. After the foolish time then strikes the hour of the health and fitness industry, which get with the chamfering time a welcome cause, in order to refer to their offers.

March 1st, World Compliment Day
Give your customers a compliment and tell them what great and loyal customers they are.

March 6th, Ash Wednesday

March 8th, International Women’s Day

March 12th, World Day against Internet censorship

March 14th, Steak and Blowjob Day
Isn’t Men’s Day Ascension Day? Maybe a campaign event for a rather male-dominated target group or various erotic shops…

March 20th, First day of Spring
Seasons also provide suitable occasions to inform about new product ranges by e-mail. Especially the beginning of spring is welcomed with pleasure by DIY stores and plant dealers as prelude for the building and gardening season with campaigns.

March 21st, World Poetry Day

March 31th, Start of Summer
What was it again? Set the clock forwards or backwards? Help your customers to make the leaps and remind them of the time change. Perhaps you also have a suitable summer offer ready? Tip: With the mnemonic, in summer you put the garden furniture in front, you can also remember the time quite well…

March 31st, World Backup Day

Newsletter Ideas for April

In April Easter provides the perfect hanger for creative newsletter ideas. Easter is also an excellent occasion for multi-stage e-mail campaigns, from thick eggs to hidden offers to sweepstakes, everything is possible. As a rule, however, April is also the month in which it gets warmer and warmer and it is finally time for spring and outdoor outfitting. This circumstance can also be included in the early planning of newsletter campaigns.

Welt-Olympiatag: Anlass für eine Newsletter-Kampagne mit sportlichen AngebotenApril 1st, April Fools Day

April 6th, International Day of Sport for Development and Peace
Why don’t you make sporting offers to your customers on International Day of Sport for Development and Peace or use this date for a campaign with Challenge?

April 11th, Pet Day

April 17th, Bla-Bla-Bla Day

April 18th, High Five Day

April 19th, Good Friday

April 21st, Easter Sunday

April 22nd, Easter Monday

April 29th, World Wish Day
Fulfill a wish of your customers or ask them what they would like for a higher customer satisfaction.

Newsletter Ideas for May

With two holidays and several days devoted to the warmer season, May provides enough ideas for campaigns and newsletters. And don’t forget, Mother’s Day is of course also an important date for many dealers, who often build a whole storytelling around this occasion with multi-level campaigns.

Am Tag der Sonnencreme kann man viele Newsletter-Ideen umsetzen

May 1nd, International Workers’ Day

May 2nd, Nantional Baby Day

May 3rd, International Sun Day

May 4th, World naked gardening day

Nice day for a photo shoot. But whether one wants to see then absolutely all…?

May 12th, Mother’s Day

May 27th, National Sun Screen Day
The day of the sun cream offers a perfect summer prelude for your offers or how about a raffle for the beach equipment? This day is also a perfect occasion for the tourism industry.

May 30th, Ascension Day (aka. Father’s Day)

Newsletter Ideas for June

June also has a few public holidays ahead of it. However, this month can also be used very well for sporting and ecological campaigns, which can also be combined well with the start of the summer holidays in the first federal states.

Newsletter-Ideen für Juni: Wie wäre es mit dem Welt-Yogatag?June 1st, World Child Day

June 2nd, World Social Communication Day
Use all the means of communication at your disposal and honour the World Social Communication Day.

June 5nd, World Environment Day

June 6th, Global Running Day

June 8th, World Ocean Day

June 9th, Whit Sunday

June 10th, Whit Monday

June 20th, Copus Christi

June 21st, International Yoga Day
If you want to address a sporty and health-conscious target group, try World Yoga Day. Your competitors probably didn’t include it in their campaign calendars.

June 21st, Early Summer

Newsletter Ideas for July

With the day of kissing and friendship in July you can dedicate yourself to the beautiful sides of life. In addition, summer is in full swing and all federal states now have holidays. July usually provides enough ideas for beautiful summer newsletters. If you are still looking for ideas for your e-mail marketing, you will certainly find them on the following days:

Erstellen Sie Newsletter und Kampagnen rund um den Tag der SchokoladeJuly 2nd, UFO Day

July 6th,, International Kissing Day

July 7th, International Chocolate Day
Who doesn’t love it… Time to show off your chocolate side.

July 8th, Video Games Day

July 12th, National Simplicity Day

July 30th, International Day of Friendship
Celebrate the friendship with your customers

Newsletter Ideas for August

In August many areas still have a summer break. For fashion shops and suppliers of seasonal articles, however, it is slowly becoming time for the use of newsletters and campaigns to get the summer stock to the man or woman. Typical back-to-school campaigns are also on the agenda now. In addition to summer sales and discount campaigns, you can enter the following dates in your campaign calendar:

Kennen Sie den Welttag des Bieres? Ein guter Anlass für Newsletter-Kampagnen...August 2nd, International Beer Day
For breweries, supermarkets or restaurateurs this is a good opportunity to attract customers with a special offer.

August 8th, International Cat Day

August 13th, International Lefthanders Day

August 15th, Assumption Day

August 18th, World Citizen Participation Day

Newsletter Ideas for September

Even if it is called Oktoberfest, this internationally popular folk festival does not take place mainly in October, but in September (21.09. to 6.10.2019). Meanwhile, the beer spectacle is not only celebrated in Munich, but around the globe. Take advantage of the popularity for an Oktoberfest campaign and offer the corresponding offers. But there are also plenty of occasions in September for creative newsletters, which you should include in your annual planning, for those who don’t want to celebrate and for industries that can’t get anything out of the Oktoberfest. See for yourself:
Mehrstufige Newsletter-Kampagne passend zum Welttourimustag

September 5th, International Day of Charity
Does your company support charity projects? Or do you have some employees who are heavily involved privately? Or do you make a donation campaign for this day, e.g. 5% of the turnover on this day goes to a charitable organization. This would be the perfect opportunity to demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility!

September 14th, International Day of Tropical Forests

September 15th, International Day of Democracy

September 19th, International Talk Like a Pirate Day

September 21st, International Day of Peace

September 23rd, Autum Stroll Day

September 27th, World Tourism Day
Everyone involved in the tourism industry should make a note of this day for a campaign. For example, raffle a trip: In several newsletters you can include information about your destination, of course in addition to your current offers. In order to take part in the raffle, the recipient must guess where the trip is going.

Newsletter Ideas for October

Even though the golden autumn is still in full swing in October, the cold season is slowly beginning to make itself felt. It is high time to remind your customers of this with appropriate winter equipment offers. Beside sales actions, you can place also Tipps for the cold season in your newsletters. The October is altogether a very grateful month and supplies innumerable campaign ideas:

Newsletter zum Welttag des LächelnsOctober 1st, World Vegetarian Day

October 4th, World Smile Day
How about a cheerful photo action on World Smiles Day? Send a newsletter with a competition in which you ask your customers to send you a picture with their most beautiful smile and preferably with the last product they bought from you. It’s even better to ask customers to share them on your social media page (e.g. Facebook) and find a winner. Leave the voting to the users.

October 5th, Internationale World Bubble Day

October 6th, German-American Day

October 10th, World Dog Day

October 20th, World Statistics Day
Why don’t you write some nice statistics about your company, e.g. how high your coffee consumption is, what the gender ratio in the company is or what was the best-selling product of the last month? This makes your company more humane and strengthens customer loyalty.

October 27th, End of Summertime

October 31st, Halloween

Newsletter Ideas for November

November finally marks the beginning of the Christmas business. Even if you can find the first Christmas articles in the shops already in September, most people start their Christmas shopping at the earliest now. In conjunction with Blackfriday and the right campaigns, which can also be a little more unusual, you can now boost sales. But even before Blackfriday, November provides dates for successful newsletter campaigns:

Black Friday: Der perfekte Anlass für mehrstufige Newsletter-KampagnenNovember 1st, All Saints’ Day

November 10th, World Science Day for Peace and Development

November 14th, World Usability Day

November 21st, World Hello Day
Take this day as an opportunity to recall yourself to your customers.

November 28th, Thanksgiving (USA)

November 29th, Blackfriday
The best selling day of the year, especially for online trading. Here you can hardly avoid a campaign to boost your Christmas business.

Newsletter Ideas for December

For December we probably wouldn’t have to give you any campaign ideas at all, because this time is more than dominated by the Christmas business. Nevertheless or just to stand out a little from the rest, you will find alternative campaign occasions for December in our overview. At the end of the year, this month you can take the opportunity to thank your customers and partners, perhaps combined with a voucher or a small present. Here you will find newsletter events in December for your campaign calendar:

Eine feste Größe im Kampagnenkalender: WeihnachtenDecember 1st, 1st Advent

December 5th, International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development

December 6th, St. Nicholas Day
St. Nicholas Day invites you to make customers happy. No matter whether it is a Santa Claus discount or a small Santa Claus chocolate with every purchase or order.

December 8th, 2nd Advent

December 11th, International Mountain Day

December 15th, 3rd Advent

December 22nd, Early Winter

Dezember 22nd 4th Advent

Dezember 24th, Christmas Eve

Dezember 25th, 1st Christmasholiday

Dezember 26th, 2nd Christmasholiday

Dezember 31th, New Year’s Eve

Here we have compiled a complete annual overview of all ideas and events for your campaigns and newsletter 2019. You can simply download it in the practical DIN A4 print format as a PDF file.

We hope that you found one or the other useful suggestions and wish you a lot of fun with the implementation of your Newsletter and Kanpagnen 2019!


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