Creative Newsletter-Campaigns for every time of the year

Newsletter-Kampagnen und Newsletter-Ideen für das ganze Jahr

Newsletter ideas and tips for campaigns in 2021

The year 2020 is slowly coming to an end. Some people might be quite happy about that. Finally this corona-torn year is over. So we are optimistic and hope that 2021 can only get better.

But for that we have to do a little bit of work, like getting the attention we need and that works quite well with email campaigns or even a cross-channel campaign. If the Christmas stress in your own store eases up a bit, you can start planning your 2021 campaign right away. You probably already have a few fixed events in mind, or celebration and action days that serve you every year.

For your fixed reportwa at events, we would like to suggest a good selection of further celebration and action days. The advantage of serving not only the big occasions is clearly the sole attention you receive and do not have to share with the competition.

Even an occasion that at first glance doesn’t seem to have much to do with your products or services, you can integrate it with a good argumentation and make it your day. Unexpected newsletter occasions in particular receive a lot of attention because the surprise is big and curiosity is aroused. As a small support, we have compiled the most important and interesting occasions for creative marketing campaigns 2021. As a little help and source of ideas, you will also find one or two tips on how to use them accordingly. By the way, don’t just think of your customers, but maybe one or two occasions might also be interesting for an internal mail to your employees.

Tip: We have summarized all public holidays and special offer days in a PDF calendar for you. At the end of the article you can download the campaign calendar for the year 2021.

Newsletter Ideas for January

Experience shows that January starts rather more quietly, since many still have vacations. Nevertheless privately one consumes in big fashion already again. At the latest in the middle of the month the business is going as usual again. In January, there will certainly be good occasions for creative newsletters and funny e-mail campaigns for your company, too.

Day of the Snowman1st January New Year

6th January Epiphany Three Kings

6th January Africa Day

7th January Orthodox Christmas

If a large part of your target group does not come from the Central European region or belongs to a different cultural group, it can make sense to record the corresponding data and use it for targeted campaigns. Customers from the Russian cultural area, for example, would certainly be pleased if they did not receive Christmas greetings on December 24th, but only at the beginning of January. That simply shows appreciation.

17th January day of the Italian kitchen

Who does not love Italian food? No matter if you prefer the classic pizza, pasta and tiramisu or a regional specialty – Italian food is always a safe bet. Why don’t use the day alla “Bella Italia” and provide special offers and raffles  around the Italian kitchen and bring some sun into January.

18th January snowman day

Suitably to the currenlty winterly weather in Germany – send winterly greetings with a self-built snowman in front of the office or call out a snowman contest, the winner obviously receives an attractive offer.

21st January Sweatpants Day

21st January World Cuddle Day

28th January Data Protection Day

Newsletter Ideas for February

February is all about the winter sales to make room for new merchandise, even though it officially no longer exists. Accordingly, sale campaigns for e-mail marketing are a good idea. The one or other customer may already be waiting for a discount to be able to buy the desired jacket or whatever. February is besides a classical month for the winter vacation. This opens up advertising opportunities for all industries that benefit from winter sports. In this winter season you can also point out the corresponding corona measures, so that the vacation remains also guaranteed without health consequences. Apart from the seasonal campaign ideas, February is also full of other exciting days that provide perfect newsletter occasions:

1st February Change your password day

2nd February Groundhog Day

11th February Women and Girls in Science Day

11th February Safer Internet Day

More than enough dangers lurk on the Internet. Even if you do not work for a tech company, it can still make sense to inform about the dangers. You should also take the opportunity to tell your customers what standards and measures you have taken to ensure that your customers and their data are in good hands with your company.

11th February Women’s Carnival

12th February Chinese New Year

13th February Radio Day

Valentine's Day as a typical campaign occasion for newsletter
14th February Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day does not only promise good business for the flower trade. Meanwhile there are Valentines offers and actions for many products. If you offer corresponding goods or services that fit the day of the lovers, then take advantage of this occasion. No matter whether Valentine’s candlelight dinner in a restaurant or a campaign for the best women’s fragrance, you will come up with something suitable.

27th February Polar Bear Day

Newsletter Ideas for March

March is one of the months in which more attention is paid to health after the carnival period. The fasting time starting from Ash Wednesday already rings that in. Besides the days become longer again and sport and movement outside become more attractive. Accordingly, offers and campaigns in this area attract a lot of attention. But also otherwise March has to offer numerous new type character causes, which can be integrated well into communication.

Energy saving day

5th March Energy Saving Day

The energy saving day is most suitable for energy enterprises, in order to refer to energy saving potentials in the own household and to offers, like green energy. In addition, electronics manufacturers and dealers can take the energy saving day as campaign cause, in order to promote particularly energy-saving products, e.g. your 10-year old refrigerator uses at least twice as much energy than a current model of … exchange your old one for a top equipment of …!

8th March Women’s Day

Women’s Day can be used not only to denounce political grievances, but also for campaigns and actions for the fairer sex. As a hairdresser, for example, you could swap women’s and men’s prizes on the day and promote a cross-channel campaign. The attention would be yours for sure. By the way, Women’s Day is a public holiday in Berlin.

13th March World Sleep Day

15th March day of the back health

15th March World Consumer Day

20th March day of happiness

21st March Day against racial discrimination

21st March Day of the Forests

22nd March World Water Day

25th March Document Freedom Day

28th March Palm Sunday

28th March Start of summer time

31st March World Backup Day

Newsletter Ideas for April

Easter is another important occasion for creative newsletter campaigns besides Christmas. Spring and Easter campaigns can be colorful and creative. Hidden offers, raffles and everything else that creates joy and arouses interest. The usually already warmer April weather however initiates also the season for hobby gardeners and outdoor fans.

1st April day of the older generation

If your target group includes fit seniors, then the Day of the Older Generation is ideal for making special offers to them. It can make be useuful to focus less on price offers and more on services, such as free delivery or connection offers.

1st April Maundy Thursday

2nd April Good Friday

3rd April World Party Day

4th April Easter Sunday

5th April Easter Monday

World Olympic Day: Occasion for a newsletter campaign with sporting offers6th April World Olympic Day

Why not offer your customers sporting activities on World Olympic Day or use this date for a campaign with Challenge.

7th April World Health Day

22nd April Earth Day

23rd April Girls Day

25th April World Penguin Day

28th April Day of Health at Work

The Day of Health at Work, is interesting for suppliers of corresponding products and services such as ergonomic office furniture, fruit suppliers or sports offers. However, it can also be used for internal purposes: Sponsor a healthy lunch for your employees or encourage them to engage in sports during breaks.

29th April World Dance Day

29th April World Day of Wishes

Why not grant your customers a wish or ask them what they would like to see, for greater customer satisfaction.

30th April Walpurgis Night

Newsletter Ideas for May

With several holidays and other exciting events, May offers enough potential for creative newsletters. Not to forget, Mother’s Day is a fixed date in May for many retailers, who often build an entire storytelling around this occasion with multi-level campaigns.


1st May Labour Day

2nd May day of the baby

2nd May fish roll day

3rd May World Laughter Day

5th May Equality Day

5th May World Hand Hygiene Day

Hand hygiene is more important than ever in the pandemic period that still affects us. If your company is in a medical Hand hygiene dayrelated field, then please remind us what everyone should pay attention to when it comes to hand hygiene or what your company does to meet hygiene standards. Maybe you will give away a hygiene kit or add a small hand gel to every order.

5th May Europe Day

9th May Day of the Lost Sock

9th May Mother’s Day

12th May Sugar Festival

13th May Cocktail Day

13th May Ascension Day

13th May Father’s Day

15th May Family Day

17th May World Telecommunications Day

18th May Museum Day

As a museum or cultural institution, this is the perfect occasion to point out current exhibitions and events, according to the motto: Come and visit us again!

21st May World Day of Cultural Diversity

23rd May Day of the Basic Law

23rd May Whit Sunday

24th May Whit Monday

24th May Day of the Parks

27th May Day of sun cream

The day of the sun cream offers a perfect summer start for your offers or how about a raffle for the beach equipment? This day also provides a perfect occasion for the tourism industry.

28th May world game day

31st May World No Smoking Day

Newsletter Ideas for June

This June with its campaign days is epsecially fitting for the topic environmental protection. The month also heralds the summer season and the vacation season. For tour operators, in addition, for regional Tourismusdienstleister it becomes at the latest now time to obtain the necessary attention.

Newsletter ideas for June: How about World Yoga Day?1st June world parents day

2nd June International Children’s Day
Even if especially smaller children do not belong to the target group yet, their parents do. If you have offers from which the little ones benefit, then use the Children’s Day for campaigns addressed to the parents. Parents are also happy about campaigns such as “free admission for the second child”.

3rd June Bicycle Day

5th June International Environment Day

6th June Organ Donation Day

8th June World Ocean Day

14th June Day of the Garden

20th June Music Day

21st June summer solstice

21st June International Yoga Day
If you want to address a sporty and health-conscious target group, try World Yoga Day. Your competition probably hasn’t included it in their campaign calendar.

21st June Early Summer

21st June World Raw Food Day

21st June Beginning of summer

21st June Summer start

27th June World Fragrance Day

28th June Transylvanian dormouse

29th June Christopher Street Day

Newsletter Ideas for July

With the day of kisses and friendship July offers two very nice newsletter events. The summer also reaches its peak and the summer vacations provide a vacation atmosphere. July usually provides enough ideas for beautiful, summery newsletter campaigns. Who needs still further occasions for E-Mail marketing, becomes surely fndig with the following occasions:

2nd July UFO Day

6th July International Kissing Day

The World Kiss Day is ideal for a cross-channel campaign between e-mail and social media. Find the best kiss picture: Inform via newsletter, upload the pictures in a social media channel and let your customers and followers vote for you.Kiss day

7th July International Chocolate Day
Who doesn’t love it… Time to show off your chocolate side.

9th July Rock ‘n’ Roll Day

16th July World Snake Day

19th July Islamic Festival of Sacrifice

20th July Space Research Day

26th July Day of the Sea Rescuers

30th July Friendship Day

Express your friendship to your customers with special offers or a small gift.

31st July System Administrator Day

Newsletter Ideas for August

In August many places still have a summer break. Suppliers of clothing, shoes and other seasonal items must slowly make room in the warehouses for the autumn goods. With the end of the summer vacations, campaigns with the slogan “Back-to-school” boom. In addition to summer sales and discount campaigns, you can also include the following dates and newsletter events in your campaign calendar:


6th August Hiroshima Memorial Day

7th August Beer Day

8th August World Cat Daycat day

9th August Day of the indigenous population

12th August Youth Day

The Day of the Youth can be used well for campaigns around products and services, which keep youth or give them a feeling of youthfulness. A good occasion for the beauty industry.

13th August left-hander day

15th August Assumption of the Virgin Mary

19th August Humanitarian Aid Day

22nd August Day of the fish

30th August Day of the disappeared

Newsletter Ideas for September

Even though it is called Oktoberfest, this internationally popular folk festival is mostly held in September (18.09. to 3.10.2021). Let’s hope that in 2021 it will again take place in Munich and not only in China. The Oktoberfest is an export hit, similar to the German cars in the upscale range. Why not use the awareness for an Oktoberfest campaign, with corresponding offers. But even for party people and industries that don’t like the Oktoberfest, there are enough newsletter events in September. Take a look for yourself:
Multi-stage newsletter campaign to coincide with World Tourism


1st September Anti-War Day

3rd September Skyscraper Day

5th September International Charity Day
Does your company support charitable causes? Or do you have some employees who are privately involved? Or do you have a fundraising campaign for this day, e.g. 5% of the turnover on this day goes to a charity. This would be the perfect opportunity to demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility!

5th September Coffee Day

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks. Why not set up a campaign around coffee? You don’t have to be a catering company to do so. As an electronics retailer, you can, for example, invite customers to a coffee machine test with tasting or how about a newsletter for coffee-colored clothing?

8th September World Literacy Day

11th September Homeless Day

11th September First Aid Day

12th September German Language Day

12th September Home Day

13th September Day of Remembrance

14th September International Day of Tropical Forests

15th September International Day of Democracy

19th September Speak as a Pirate Day

21st September International World Day of Peace

22nd September World Day of the Sea

24th September Sauna day

25th September Dental Health Day

26th September Day of the Language

27th September World Tourism Day

Even if the main vacation time for this year is already past, the world tourism day offers enough cause, in order to make attentive to one or other goal for the coming months, to apply for New Year’s Eve journeys or to arouse already interest for the early bird offer 2022.

29th September World Heart Day

Newsletter Ideas for October

October is often still a beautiful month, but winter is creeping in. So it’s time to get warm and comfortable again at home. The current winter trends come just in time. Tipps for the cold season can appropriate sales campaigns, there still something revalue. October is altogether a very grateful month and supplies innumerable campaign ideas:

Newsletter for the World Day of Smiles1st October World vegetarian day

Vegetarian food not only tastes good, but is also healthy. If the topic fits to your products and services, why don’t you take advantage of this campaign day and delight your mailing list with delicious recipes and kitchen tips.

1st October Smile Day

How about a cheerful photo campaign for the World Day of Smiles? Send out a newsletter with a competition in which you ask your customers to send you a picture with their most beautiful smile and preferably with the last product they bought from you. Even better is to ask your customers to share it on your social media page (e.g. Facebook) and select a winner. It is best to leave the voting to the users.

2nd October Day of Nonviolence

3rd October Harvest Festival

4th October animal protection day

6th October German-American Day

7th October Day for Decent Work

9th October World Post Day

Surprise your customers on Wolrd Post Day with a postal mailing for a change. The attention will be sure to be yours. By the way, you can also send postal mailings directly from the EMM without any additional effort.

10th October Home Movie Day

10th October World Dog Day

11th October Coming-out Day

15th October Hand washing day

15th October Countrywomen’s Day

16th October Boss Day

17th October Day Against Poverty

20th October World Statistics Day
Why don’t you write some nice statistics about your company, e.g. how much coffee is consumed, how the gender ratio in the company is or what was the best selling product of the last month. This will make your company more human and strengthen customer loyalty.

24th October United Nations Day

25th October World Noodle Day

29thOctober World Internet Day

30th October World Savings Day

31st October World Day of the Cities

31st October Start of winter season

31st October Reformation Day

31st October Halloween

Newsletter Ideas for November

With November, the Christmas business is also slowly starting to roll. Gingerbread and Co. are already available in the stores in September, but many people are only now really dealing with Christmas. In combination with Blackfriday, which has slipped into December this year, and the right campaigns, you can boost sales again at the end of the year. But even before Blackfriday, November provides newsletter occasions for successful campaigns. Recently, the Singles Day, which has been taken over from the Chinese, has also been celebrated in this country with large discount campaigns:

1stNovember All Saints’ Day

1st November All Saints’ Day

2nd November All Souls’ Day

3rd November World Men’s Day

9th November Fall of the Wall

10th November World Science Day

10th November Day for Peace and Development

11th November St. Martin’s Day

11th November Singles Day

12th November Grandma and Grandpa Day

14th November World Usability Day

14th November Memorial Day

16th November Day of Tolerance

16th November Reading Aloud Day

The Reading Aloud Day is a great occasion for bookstores to lure customers into the store with a campaign all about reading aloud. Why not present the most beautiful audio books or organize a reading in the store with a well-known author. Also a reading for children would be conceivable, there parents can rummage in at present in peace.Reading day

17th November Student Day

17th November Day of Prayer and Repentance (only in Saxony holiday)

19th November Day of Philosophy

21st November Television Day

Appropriate retailers can use the Day of Television, for example, for a multi-stage campaign with various offers around the topic of television. It must not only concern the devices, but also coupling offers are possible like e.g. with each purchase of a TV set until 18 o’clock, there are 6 months Netflix free of charge in addition.

21st November World Hello Day
Use this day as an opportunity to bring yourself back into the memory of your customers.

21st November Sunday of Death

25th November Thanksgiving (USA)

28th November 1st Advent

Newsletter Ideas for December

We probably wouldn’t even have to provide you with campaign ideas for December, because this time of year is more than dominated by the Christmas business. Nevertheless, or just to stand out a little from the rest, you will find alternative campaign events for December in our overview. At the end of the year, you can use this month to thank your customers and partners, perhaps combined with a voucher or a small gift. Here you will find newsletter events in December for your campaign calendar:

A constant in the campaign calendar: Christmas1st December World AIDS Day

3rd December Black Friday

The annual highlight for retailers and the start of the Christmas business: Black Friday this year is exceptionally not the end of November, so don’t lose any time and start your campaigns on time.

5th December 2nd Advent

5th December International Volunteer Day

6th December Santa Claus
St. Nicholas Day invites you to make customers happy. No matter whether it is a St. Nicholas discount or a little Santa chocolate with every purchase or order.

10th December Human Rights Day

11th December World Mountain Day

12th December 3rd Advent

13th December Worldwide Candle Lighting

19th December 4th Advent

21th December Short Film Day

22th December World Orgasm Day

24th December Christmas Eve

25th December Christmas Day

26th December 2nd Christmas Day

31st December New Year’s Eve

The last day of the year promises not only fireworks and sparkling wine salesmen good business also the travel industry can improve their conversions with last minute New Year’s Eve travel campaigns. Thus the time between Christmas and New Year is suitable for the one or other discount action, in order to improve the annual balance somewhat.

Campaign Calender 2021

Here we have compiled a complete annual overview of all ideas and events for your campaigns and newsletter 2021. You can simply download it in the practical DIN A4 print format as a PDF file.

We hope that you found the one or other suggestion and wish you a lot of fun with the realization of your newsletter and campaign 2021!