Customer Insights

AGNITAS Customer Insights

With Customer Insights, you can track your newsletters down to the smallest detail. Whether you want to analyze your recipients by activity, tap into the revenue generated or categorize your mailings. With Customer Insights, you get the full overview of your success and can find out how to make your email marketing even better.

The most important key figures of Customer Insights

Type of reactor(evaluation period 90 days)

  • High Performer:
    More than 25% of the mailings received resulted in a response. (Automation Package required)
  • Opportunity:
    At least 1 mailing, but less than 25% of the mailings received were opened and/or clicked.
  • Lead:
    These recipients have been on the mailing list for less than 90 days and have not yet responded OR the last mailing was more than 90 days ago.
  • Sleeper:
    Sleepers are all addresses that have neither opened nor clicked, but have been subscribed to the mailing list for at least 90 days.

Rebuy rate(evaluation period 365 days)

The Rebuy rate shows you the percentage of buyers who have made more than one purchase within the last 365 days. However, this requires the integration of the tracking pixel “Revenue” into your store.

Devices, led to reactions(evaluation period 365 days)

This chart reflects which devices led to the most reactions. The top 4 devices that were used most frequently to perform an action are listed by name, while the remaining devices are listed as “others”.

Revenue(evaluation period 90 days)

Based on the Boston Consulting Matrix, the EMM categorizes your mailings into four categories: Poor Dog, Question Mark, Rising Star and Cash Cows. This categorization helps you to compare the mailings you have sent in the past 365. However, this requires the integration of the tracking pixel “Revenue” into your store. These are customizable per client. The evaluation is done as follows:

  • Poor Dog – no value or 0 €
  • Question Mark – revenue < 150 €
  • Rising Star – revenue < 500€
  • Cash Cows – revenue >= 500€

Progress of used devices(evaluation period 365 days)

In addition to the reaction graph already described, there is also a statistic which gives you an overview of general device usage. Again, the top 4 devices are listed and the rest are labeled as “Others”. The chart can be divided into two sections:

  • Bars: (scale on the left) Show the shares and their change of individual devices in the responses over time.
  • Line: (scale right) Shows the sum of all reactions in the time period under consideration.

Most favorite opening hours and days(evaluation period 365 days)

In addition to this, the favorite opening hours and the favorite opening days are also analyzed in the Customer Insights. In each case, the most frequent 3 hours or days are displayed in descending order.

Clicks analysis(evaluation period 365 days)

The click-through rate (CTR) is also analyzed. This indicates which clicks lead to an opening. In addition to this, it is measured which of the clicks lead to sales. This is the conversion rate.

Retargeting(Auswertungszeitraum 90 Tage)

Also analyzed is what happens after a recipient has made a click. On the one hand, page impressions are measured after a click. These reflect the average number of pages that are called up after a click. In addition, the page impressions per visit are examined. This shows you how many pages are called up on average after someone has visited your store. Finally, the page impressions per purchase are examined. This value shows you the average number of pages that are called up before a purchase.