dmexco 2018 – our fair highlights

dmexco Highlights 2018

We at AGNITAS are constantly working to improve our E-Marketing Manager (EMM) and to offer you the optimal basis for your e-mail marketing. In the course of this, there are constant improvements and innovations in the software. In recent months we have been particularly diligent with regard to the dmexco highlights. In the coming weeks, here in this blog post, we would like to present our innovations to you individually and show you how they can support your e-mail marketing and make it even better.

As the first dmexco highlight we would like to start this week with the Customer Insights at the recipient.

Customer insights at the recipient

The customer insights at the recipient enable you to get to know your customers and prospects even better. For example, you receive information about the reaction behavior, i.e. on which days and at what time the e-mails are preferably opened. You will also receive information about the end devices used, such as the preferred use of mobile phones or tablets. What is particularly interesting for shop operators are the newsletters with which the recipient has generated a particularly high turnover.

Where can I find these insights about the recipient?

To access the Customer Insights, select the profile of the recipient you want to learn more about in the EMM. There you will see the Insights submenu and thus also the overview of the recipient’s user behaviour.

What are the advantages of customer insights at the recipient?

In our everyday life we are exposed to a constant flood of stimuli. To be perceived by the desired recipient in this situation, it usually takes more than a nice picture and a good saying. In principle, the better a newsletter or other advertising medium is tailored to the recipient and whose personal preferences are taken into account, the more successful it is. Knowledge of preferred opening hours, for example, makes it possible to adjust the shipping time. This is also possible fully automatically via the Send-Time-Optimizer.

If it is known which devices are used, this provides information about the channels on which the mailings must be particularly optimized. Of course, most e-mail templates are now mobile-optimized, but that’s sometimes better and sometimes worse. If you know, for example, that the majority of customers or individual customers who are particularly important, call up newsletters on the move, one or two improvements may be a wise decision.


Screenshot Customer Insights


The Customer Insights give an impression of how relevant the newsletters are for the individual customer. This displays the response rate of the past 90 days or the click rate.

With the Customer Insights it is even possible, to find out which sales were generated by the individual customer as a result of mailing campaigns. There is no better feedback for a mailing campaign. From this, conclusions can also be drawn as to what products are especially interesting for the respective recipient. In addition, the average shopping basket value is also displayed.

Further optimization potential can also be determined with retargeting values.

The Customer Insights offer a good opportunity to get to know your e-mail recipients even better and to optimize your mailings according to your preferences. This not only improves click and opening rates, but in the best case even increases sales.


The next dmexco highlight is coming next week.

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