OpenEMM 2019: Email Marketing for Free

Completely revised GDPR compliant version of the popular open source software

AGNITAS releases OpenEMM 2019, the all new GDPR-compliant version of its popular open source software for the automation of e-mail communication in marketing, sales and administration.

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Munich, 2019-08-09 – AGNITAS AG provides a powerful update for OpenEMM, the world’s most popular[1] open source software for e-mail marketing and automation. With OpenEMM 2019, the provider of professional services and software for e-mail marketing and marketing automation offers a completely revised user interface with lots of new features. For example, a visual campaign manager allows the convenient design of trigger-based, multi-level campaigns with reaction-dependent execution paths. On top of that there a numerous new statistic charts. OpenEMM 2019 also includes a number of new features that enable companies to ensure that they communicate with their customers, subscribers and prospects in a GDPR-compliant manner – free of charge forever thanks to an open source license.

[1] Demonstrated by well over 600,000 downloads at

Martin Aschoff, founder and CEO of AGNITAS AG: “We are not expecting any gifts for our 20th company anniversary, but we are presenting a gift ourselves with OpenEMM 2019. OpenEMM 2019 is not only permanently free of charge, so that also small companies, agencies and associations can afford it. The software also frees users from their dependence on cloud operators with uncertain locations and security concepts, so that the users themselves can decide where and how their data is stored. On the one hand, this independence from third parties and the disclosure of the source code ensures a maximum of data security. On the other hand, it allows the customization and integration of the software for individual requirements.”

OpenEMM 2019 is a professional web-based software solution for the automation of email communication. The application is equally suitable for newsletters, multi-level campaigns, transaction emails, service emails or autoresponders. With the help of the visually intuitive campaign manager, users can even plan complex email campaigns. This means that emails can be triggered either by a specific date or by a specific action such as an online order, a subscription or a service request.

The web service interface of OpenEMM has been further extended to allow automated access to the OpenEMM 2019 functionality through third party applications such as CMS or CRM systems. In order to improve data exchanges on file level, numerous new functions have been added to data import and export.

OpenEMM 2019 includes a stand-alone installation tool for setting up, configuring and updating the software on inexpensive Linux servers. Thanks to an OVA version, OpenEMM 2019 can also be installed under Windows or other operating systems via the open source VirtualBox™ virtualization. OpenEMM 2019 uses the well-known Affero General Public License (AGPLv3). The development process at AGNITAS allows for ongoing bug fixes and patches as well as software updates every six months.

For OpenEMM 2019, there is a comprehensive manual and a context-related help function available in both German and English language. Users can also use the free support forum to exchange tricks and tips as well as to discuss problems. With the option of a seamless migration of all data and campaigns to the big brother “EMM Inhouse”, users can easily switch to AGNITAS’ commercial email marketing solution. This enables them to enjoy all the advantages of local support directly from the manufacturer with identical GUI handling, but even more functionality and unlimited scalability.

OpenEMM 2019 (binaries) is available for download at:

The source code can now be downloaded from

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You can find screenshots of OpenEMM 2019 here:

OpenEMM Dashboard

(IC: „The OpenEMM 2019 dashboard provides an overview of all central functions and metrics. “)


OpenEMM Campaign Manager

(IC: „The campaign manager of the OpenEMM 2019 allows the creation of multi-level campaigns.“)


VirtualBoxTM is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation.


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