E-Marketing Manager in practice

Each industry has its own requirementsLearn more about the industry-specific use of the E-Marketing Manager

AGNITAS software solutions are very flexible and versatile to meet numerous industry-specific requirements and challenges. For one industry, an in-house solution makes the most sense, while for another, the SaaS version is more suitable. To give you an idea of how you can integrate E-Marketing Manager and the tasks it can support you with, we have collected various real-world use cases here. The examples are sorted by industry – so you can get your bearings more quickly. There are certainly many more areas of application. Feel free to compare yourself with the examples and let others from your industry inspire you.

Our industry solutions for special requirements:

Practical application examples and industry-specific features

EMM in practice – we know what matters. Numerous customers from a wide range of industries show how flexibly the E-Marketing Manager can adapt to different challenges. Learn more about our industry solutions!

EMM für eGovernment
GOs and NGOs
Focus lies on security

When you think of government agencies and organizations, you don’t immediately think of marketing automation, but there are more areas of application in this segment than you might think. Digital transformation is summarized under the keyword eGovernment. Data security and independence from external service providers are of particular importance here. Learn more about our specific solutions.

EMM im Einsatz bei Verlagen und Medienhäusern
Publishers and Media
It is all about content

In the media industry, it’s always about content. We ensure that your news reliably reaches your subscribers in real time. Your readers can decide for themselves what content they want to receive. With targeted media marketing, you can easily integrate ads into your newsletters. And you can protect paid content and make it accessible with our solutions.

EMM im Einsatz bei Banken und Versicherungen
Banks and Insurances
Trust is essential

Data protection and data security are of such great importance for hardly any other industry as they are for banks and insurance companies. Especially since customer trust is crucial for the business relationship. In addition, financial service providers face the challenges of modern FinTech approaches as well as trust issues due to phishing and spoofing. We have the right solution!

Your industry is not listed? We are expanding this overview step by step. Just contact us about your specific industry and we will be happy to present our solution to you.

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