OpenEMM 24.04: Upgrade of the free software for email marketing and automation

New Release OpenEMM 24.04

OpenEMM 24.04Free software for email newsletters and transactional emails

Munich, April 25, 2024:
AGNITAS is releasing OpenEMM 24.04, a new version of its open source software for automating email communication in marketing, sales and administration.
Version 24.04 has been expanded to include individually configurable statistics reports, the import of Excel files and an extended GDPR information report. In the form of OpenEMM Plus, there are additional commercial extensions for even more use cases.

OpenEMM is and remains the software for individual and automated email communication at zero cost, because OpenEMM is permanently free of charge thanks to its open source license. GDPR compliance is also ensured by its own data protection functions. The semi-annual release cycle ensures that OpenEMM is always up to date with the latest technical and legal developments.
OpenEMM users are free to decide where they want to operate the software and therefore have complete control over data protection and data security. Direct access to the source code allows security inspections and customizations. This makes OpenEMM an important building block for digital sovereignty.

The new OpenEMM: More functionality with improved usability

The highlights of the new version 24.04:

  • Statistics reports that can be individually configured in terms of content and time period that are automatically generated at predefined times and sent by e-mail in PDF or CSV format
  • Import of files also supports Excel format or LibreOffice Calc
  • Hard bounces are automatically transferred to all mailing lists so that outdated addresses are not sent to unintentionally at a later date (mailbox providers occasionally convert former mailboxes into spam trap addresses to identify spammers)
  • Extended GDPR-compliant information report to fulfill the requirements of Art. 15 GDPR
  • Various new methods for the SOAP API and RESTful API

OpenEMM Plus with commercial extensions for even more use cases

For the new version OpenEMM 24.04, AGNITAS as developer of OpenEMM also offers additional commercial modules, such as

  • the Email Creator with Layout Builder and Mediapool for module-based mailing creation via drag & drop
  • an HTML interface for the automated filling of content modules in mailings (e.g. via CMS)
  • a module for automated data import and export for data exchange with external systems such as CRM, ERP, online stores, etc.
  • extended functionality for SOAP and RESTful web services to be able to move large amounts of data and address the additional OpenEMM Plus functionality
  • a Webhooks API to inform third-party systems about the reactions of email recipients to the emails sent
  • an SMTP interface to receive and refine emails from legacy systems (display, bounce management, link tracking, etc.)
  • an extended client configuration for approx. 30 individual configurations for data protection, data security and other default settings

For OpenEMM users for whom the scope or performance of OpenEMM or OpenEMM Plus is not sufficient, AGNITAS offers a seamless upgrade to the license version of its big brother EMM (E-Marketing Manager), which is also multi-client and multi-server capable.

About OpenEMM

OpenEMM is equally suitable for newsletters, multi-level campaigns, transactional emails, service emails and autoresponders. An integrated WYSIWYG and HTML editor support the design of mailings and forms. Numerous graphical and tabular statistics enable a detailed evaluation of success.

With the help of the intuitive campaign manager, users can plan even complex email campaigns. For example, emails can be triggered by a deadline or a specific action, such as an online order, a subscription or a service request. Different execution paths can be defined for multi-stage campaigns, depending on reactions.

Interfaces such as the SOAP or RESTful API enable the OpenEMM to be connected to third-party systems such as CRM or stores. As the source code is public, users can make changes and extensions as they wish.

With the OMT administration tool, OpenEMM can be installed, configured, managed and updated on an inexpensive Linux server. Thanks to an OVA version, OpenEMM can also be installed under Windows or other operating systems via the open source virtualization VirtualBoxTM. OpenEMM sends itself, i.e. the use of an SMTP gateway is not required, so there are no additional costs.

To get the most out of the software, OpenEMM is extensively documented, from the installation instructions to the user manual and context-sensitive online help, both in German and English. In addition, numerous video tutorials support users with various tasks. Even the database schema is documented, so that direct access to the raw data is also possible. OpenEMM users can also use the free support forum to exchange tips and tricks and discuss problems.

Quote from Martin Aschoff, founder and CEO of AGNITAS AG:

“We have been continuously developing our open source software OpenEMM since 2006, offering continuity and security. Operating the software in our own IT infrastructure frees users from dependence on cloud operators with unclear locations and opaque security concepts. This allows users to decide for themselves where and how their data is stored.”

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OpenEMM Resources

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General information visit OpenEMM landingpage
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Download runtime download here
Download OVA (virtualized version) download here
Download manual / online help (English) download here
OpenEMM Wiki
OpenEMM Forum
Video tutorials (via YouTube)

About AGNITAS, the developer of OpenEMM:

AGNITAS AG ( was founded in Munich in 1999 and helps its customers with digitalization. AGNITAS develops and operates software for large companies and enterprises, mainly from the e-commerce, media, banking, insurance and energy supply industries, as well as for the public sector.

With OpenEMM, OpenEMM Plus and EMM (“E-Marketing Manager”), AGNITAS offers marketing automation software that can be expanded step-by-step to include complex multi-channel campaigns via email, web push, SMS and print. The software is available in several versions, fitting any budget and customer requirement: free as open source, as a commercial license, public cloud and private cloud.


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