AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager (EMM)

AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager (EMM)

Your Digital Push Marketing SuiteE-marketing manager for successful marketing automation

Numerous customers already place their trust in the AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager (EMM). Every year, billions of e-mails are sent using our multiple award-winning and powerful software. You too can use this flexible and user-friendly digital push marketing suite. And actively shape the customer experience via different channels.

Integrated marketing channelsShape the customer experience with the EMM!


E-mail marketing is the most important push marketing tool for all sectors and offers numerous benefits.


The way the SMS is used has changed considerably. For example, you can send verification SMS.

Web push

With web push notifications your reach your customers everywhere on the web. We put a face to your recipients!


The classic still attracts a lot of attention in certain sectors. Use faxes as an alternative touchpoint.

With the EMM,
content becomes engagement

With the AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager you benefit from the best possible interaction between lead management, marketing automation and content marketing. We offer not only the best technology for this but also the right content!

This natural cycle helps you consolidate customer loyalty and get more out of your leads. The better the content is tailored to your recipients, the more responses you receive to your campaigns. The more responses you receive, the better you get to know your customers. The more you know about your customers, the more starting points there are for automated campaigns.

You too can strengthen your customer loyalty with the E-Marketing Manager!

Optimum combination of lead management, marketing automation and content marketing in EMM

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EMM product variantsThe E-Marketing Manager is as flexible as your needs!

We are the right partner for you! We have exactly the right solution for your needs: From do-it-yourself to full service, from internal hosting to complete outsourcing, from the smallest mailing list to the millions, from single server to infinitely scalable, from an individual client to a Group license, etc.

Each of the EMM variants comes with hundreds of features. And when you need an individual solution, we make that possible for you too!

EMM SaaS - Software as a Service

Software as a Service

more about EMM SaaS

With EMM SaaS, the only thing you have to do is send your campaigns!

Simply outsource your whitelisting, database and hardware activities to us. We take care!

Set-up by AGNITAS
Maintenance and administration
Automatic updates
⇒ weekly
Unlimited dispatch volume
Available channels
E-mail, web push, SMS, Fax
Maximum functional scope available
Templates and samples
E-Mail Creator (by drag & drop), campaign manager, comprehensive statistics
Responsive user interface
Multiclient capability
Database: MariaDB
Data access by AGNITAS
Full support possible
One-off license fee
Use fees
Unlimited use period
From € 280 monthly
(in standard variant)
EMM Inhouse - die Lizenzlösung (on demand)
EMM Inhouse

Software license

more about EMM Inhouse

Do you want to keep your data in-house and deal with the database and hardware yourself?

Then we recommend our license solution – EMM Inhouse!

Set-up by AGNITAS
Maintenance and administration
❌ (✔) Automatic updates
⇒ only with maintenance agreement
Unlimited dispatch volume
Available channels:
E-mail, web push, SMS, Fax
(✔) Functional scope slightly limited
Templates and samples
E-Mail Creator (by drag & drop), campaign manager, comprehensive statistics
Responsive user interface
Multiclient capability
Database: Oracle, MySQL & MariaDB
Data access by AGNITAS
Support: only limited possible
One-off license fee
Use fees
Unlimited use period
From € 9,500 one-off
(incl. first client)
OpenEMM - die Open-Source-Lösung

Open Source Solution

more about OpenEMM

Are you able to fully set up your system yourself and only need e-mail as a channel?

Then you can also consider OpenEMM as your solution.

Setup by AGNITAS
Maintenance and administration
automatic updates
⇒ not available
Unlimited dispatch volume
Available channels:
Functional scope significantly limited
Templates and samples
E-Mail Creator (by Drag & Drop), campaign manager, comprehensive statistics
Responsive user interface
Multiclient capability
Database: MySQL or MariaDB
Data access by AGNITAS
Support: not possible
One-off license fee
Use fees
Unlimited use period
€ 0 one-off

We also offer the SaaS Light variant eMM-Xpress, which has a reduced functional scope.

The key differences:
– No whitelisting
– Max. 50,000 / 200,000 recipient profiles
– Only e-mail marketing
– Without e-mail creator / campaign manager
– No multiclient capability

From € 99 monthly
(max. 50,000 recipient profiles)

* If you prefer an in-house solution because you do want to keep your data in-house, but still want to enjoy the benefits of the SaaS solution (e.g. whitelisting), we can offer you individual hybrid solutions. There are different options possible.

The database then remains in your data center but your e-mails are sent via our CSA whitelisted e-mail servers. You also benefit from very fast dispatch.

At cost
(depending on configuration)

Overwhelmed by the choice of offer?

We will help you find the best solution!

You will find all the features of the EMM in our functional overview

Expand the EMM with premium packagesAnd get even more out of the E-Marketing Manager

In its standard variant, the E-Marketing Manager is already very impressive and packed with useful features. With our premium packages, you can expand its functional scope as you wish and make the E-Marketing Manager an even more powerful tool.

Retargeting PackageFor more individual customer contacts

With the retargeting package from AGNITAS you can easily and automatically discover what your leads and customers are currently interested in and focused on. That means you can provide your recipients with targeted information about those topics at the right time.

With retargeting by e-mail, you address your customers’ needs optimally and offer them tailored content. Retargeting (also known as remarketing) is the maximum individualization of your e-mails. The e-mail marketing channel in particular offers you special advantages when contacting your customers.

Retargeting Package for more individual customer contacts

Automation PackageFor more flexible campaigns

With the automation package, you can provide your recipients with the right content at the right time. The dispatch of automated, event-driven e-mails becomes child’s play. But above all it offers you the opportunity to develop campaigns with yes-no decision hierarchies and directly take account of the responses in previous e-mails with follow-ups.

In combination with the retargeting package, the automation package achieves its maximum effect since then you can integrate the individual content into your campaigns.

AGNITAS Automation Package for more flexible campaigns

Layout PackageFor more design freedom

With the layout package, your e-mails using the EMM become even more creative and the results better. It addresses two areas: The preparation of e-mails and design optimization. The layout builder allows you to create your individual templates. Without needing any HTML knowledge, your employees can use the e-mail creator to construct newsletters flexibly and creatively, using drag & drop. And you do not need to rely on AGNITAS support to prepare and adapt your own templates.

Before your newsletters are sent, the inbox preview enables you to check how they are displayed on different devices and browsers. Thanks to the inbox preview, you do not have to create thousands of test accounts and acquire countless test devices to ensure that your newsletter looks good everywhere.

Design more creative mailings with the AGNITAS Layout Package

Content PackageFor more responses and customer loyalty

With the content package, you create more responses and boost customer loyalty over time. Editorial newsletter content from your department and individualized content such as personalized images, name day information, the weather or the recipient’s horoscope, make your readers more attentive.

AGNITAS offers you a variety of content modules that you can incorporate into your newsletters. Over the long term, you benefit not only from greater customer loyalty, but also from an additional opportunity for profile enrichment and from new touchpoints that result from this.

AGNITAS Content Package for more customer loyalty

Cross Media PackageFor more touchpoints with your leads

With the cross media package, you can add more communication channels to the E-Marketing Manager. The e-mail channel is integrated into the standard variant of our E-Marketing Manager. Web push, SMS and fax are additionally available. With more channels you can create additional touchpoints, which also have individual strengths.

If you do not want to use EMM for e-mail marketing but only for other channels (e.g. web push), we can offer you individual special terms. Please ask us about this option.

With the AGNITAS Cross Media Package you can reach your leads over different touchpoints

Delivery PackageFor more flexibility in dispatch

The delivery package offers you additional possibilities for managing your dispatch individually, protecting your mailing list against shrinking and improving the reputation of your e-mail servers over time.

The additional features of the delivery package round off the delivery management of the EMM ideally. In addition to all this, there is send time optimization for each recipient, advanced hard bounce validation for the reactivation of irregular bounces and feedback loops with e-mail providers.

AGNITAS Delivery Package - more flexibility in dispatch

Analytics PackageFor more control in the EMM

The analytics package offers extensive analyses of your leads’ data quality as well as pre- and post-delivery checks, which analyze your mailings for spam criteria and then monitor delivery into the inbox.

But it’s also important to check and adjust the data yourself on an ongoing basis. The data quality report provides you with an overview and you can then correct errors. The “MIA Premium” (Marketing Intelligence Analyzer) feature supplies valuable forecast values providing information about the direction your mailing list is developing in.

AGNITAS Analytics Package for more control

Integration and interfacesThe E-Marketing Manager is not an island

The foundation for individualized and automated marketing is always the database. Thanks to the optimal linking of different systems, you can use the information and data gained in a targeted manner. For that reason, there are numerous interfaces enabling data to flow between your systems and the EMM. From shop, CMS, CRM, ERP through recommendation engines to tracking tools, all connections are possible.

Examples of possible integration:

Interfaces of EMM to other systems

Data protection and data securityWe take good care of what’s valuable to you

For us, security and data protection are not just words. That is why we have also undergone certification in accordance with the stringent requirements of the ISO standards 27001, 27027 and 27018. And with us, you are optimally prepared for the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Data security and data protection by AGNITAS AG

More deliverability through delivery management

Whitelisting and deliverabilityDelivery management – so your mailings actually arrive!

We take numerous measures to ensure that your newsletters and e-mails actually do arrive in the recipient’s inbox. CSA whitelisting plays an especially important role here. It goes without saying that we comply with ethical principles, such as the e-mail marketing code of ethics of the DDV (German Direct Marketing Association). But we have also taken all necessary precautions on the technical side.

E-Marketing Manager at a glance


Gives you an overview of the last executed and the coming measures.

  • Clear structured menu
  • Different views for selection
  • Last edited mailings at one sight
  • Important key figures of the last sent mailing
  • Calender for planning all e-marketing activities
  • Marketing Intelligence Analyzer (MIA) for general statistics
  • Quick access to all vital functions

EMM Dashboard - for a quick access

E-Mail Creator (newsletter by drag & drop)

Design mailings without HTML-knowledge.

  • Intuitiveley interface and easy operation
  • Insert content blocks by drag & drop
  • Choice of different responsive templates
  • Different content building blocks
  • Enlarge or minimize building blocks flexibly
  • Creating of individual templates on request

Newsletter design by drag & drop with the E-Mail Creator

Mailing creation for individualists

If you design each mailing individually in HTML, then our standard method is the best option for you.

  • HTML editor with syntax highlighting for easy editing
  • WYSIWYG editor for creating mailings without HTML
  • Basic or advanced mode – depending on requirements
  • Opening and collapsing single menus for more clarity
  • Comfortable search function makes working even easier
  • Live-preview of your mailing for for different screens and formats
  • Inbox-preview for different browsers, mail clients and devices

Mailing creation with standard method for more flexibility in design

Campaign manager

Planning and running of multi-stage campaigns

  • Self-explanatory campaign manager with templates
  • Easy working with drag & drop
  • Campaign templates save time
  • Target group creation based on recipient reactions
  • Easy sending of trigger mailings
  • Realtime fade in of key figures

AGNITAS campaign manager allows planning and running of multi-stage campaigns

Lead Management

Generation, administration and evaluation of customer data

  • Automated data processing via interfaces
  • Import and export possibilities
  • Data entry manually
  • User self-service forms (subscription / unsubscription / change)
  • Real time profile enrichment for a targeted customer approach
  • Creation of target groups with arbitrarily attributes
  • Recipient management in independent mailing lists
  • Behavior tracking at the website (Retargeting)

Customer Insights for more insights in your leads


Numerous statistics help you to evaluate the performance of your marketing measures.

  • Configuration of individual reports from 30 different key figures in PDF or CSV format
  • Statistical key figures over time: Observe the development of openings, clicks and receivers
  • Recipient statistics: Check the development of your mailing lists
  • Linkklick statistics: overview of the number of clicks on your links – separated into administrative and productive links
  • Activity index: evaluation of the interactivity of your recipients
  • Domain overview: See which domain you have the most newsletter subscribers on.
  • Device overview: Shows devices which your recipients use most frequently
  • Sales statistics: Measure your success in the online shop
  • and much more

EMM recipient statistics as part of lead management

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